The Strathbogie Ranges

SPLITROCK Spring Water is sourced from a granite aquifer deep within the beautiful Strathbogie Ranges in Central Victoria. This area of outstanding natural beauty is surrounded by large granite boulders and is a haven for Australian wildlife, including the native platypus.

The isolation of the spring ensures the waters’ purity.

The Technical Analysis

The Technical Analysis shows that the water is one of the softest waters in the world. Extracted 100% from the source, SPLITROCK Spring Water softly balances minerals while being extremely low in sodium. Splitrock Spring Waters are totally free of additives.

The natural components are:

  • Sodium (as Na8)

  • Magnesium (as Mg0.5)

  • Potassium (as K1.4)

  • Chloride (as C19)

  • Calcium (as Ca 0.8)

  • Sulphate (as SO 4<1)