About Australian Pure Waters

Our mission: Australian Pure Waters Pty Ltd (manufacturers of SPLITROCK and TIRO) believe that providing good quality products and first-class service significantly contributes to our customers’ quality of life. We also accept our responsibility to respect the environment in the providing of these benefits.

  • We dedicate ourselves to understanding each client’s commercial environment.
  • We build strong and mutually beneficial partnerships with out clients, customers and suppliers.
  • We aim to anticipate our clients individual needs and consistently provide the best quality products and service at the best possible price.

Australian Pure Waters Pty Ltd has been trading since 1991. Our operations are based in Melbourne, Victoria with distribution outlets across the nation. We focus on a market that appreciates quality products and our products are widely accepted by many of Australia’s leading hotels, casinos, restaurants and cafés.

Product List

SPLITROCK Still Spring Water

Recyclable PET Plastic 

  • 500mL x 24 


  • 330mL x 24 

Restaurant Range 

  • 750mL x 12 

SPLITROCK Lightly Carbonated 


  • 330mL x 24 
  • 750mL x 12 

SPLITROCK Restaurant Sparkling  


  • 500mL x 18 
  • 750mL x 12 

TIRO 330mL x 24


  • Chinotto 
  • Passionfruit 
  • Ginger Beer with Lemon 
  • Pink Grapefruit – No Added Sugar 
  • Italian Red Orange – No Added Sugar 
  • Really Raspberry 
  • Lemon Lime Bitters 
  • Lemonade 
  • Creamy Soda – Sugar Free 

TIRO Organic 330mL x 24


  • Organic Cola 
  • Organic Lemon Squash 

TIRO Mixers 330mL x 24  


  • Soda Water 
  • Dry Ginger Ale 
  • Tonic Water